Open BUP File

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What is BUP File

Like VOB and IFO files, BUP files are DVD related files. Each format is a specific tool that is used in the reproduction or recording of these media.

Files with the BUP extension are backup copies automatically created and stored on your computer or other device using applications or DVD players.

These files are generally created when you start to play the media on the DVD and are stored as image backups of the information on the disc.

This is why BUP files are commonly cataloged as backup files.

They contain information generated by the application that acts in case it experiences an error to safeguard the data and prevent it from being lost.

As you should guess, the BUP extension is added to the existing file name, after the original extension, and this must be removed in order to open the file with the corresponding program.

One of the utilities these files have is that they can be used to restore the media, in case the original file is damaged.

It is important to note that files with the .bup extension are not encrypted and can be opened, viewed or converted to other video formats, which means that additional measures must be taken if you want to have more privacy when handling such backups. .

To open or convert BUP files it is necessary to have installed at least one of the following softwares

It is important to note that the BUP format is not exclusive to DVD backups, which means that it can be used for other formats. For example McAfee uses it to save quarantined files.