Open BUP File

Information, tips and instructions

BUP Media Backup Files

BUP files, such as VOB and IFO files, are files related to DVD playback media. Each format is a specific tool that is used in the reproduction or recording of these media.

Files with the BUP extension are basically backup copies that are automatically created and stored on your computer or other device by applications or DVD players.

These files are generally created when you start playing the media on the DVD and are stored as image backups of the information on the disc.

In any case, BUP files are usually cataloged as backup files, due to their original utility, and some of the information they may contain is:

  • Menu information.
  • Playback information.
  • Audio track data and information.
  • Chapter data.
  • Subtitle data.

But then, how can I open a BUP file?

BUP files, on the understanding that they are menu backup files, are not designed to be opened manually by the user, however BUP files can be edited using software tools to create DVD video files.

It is good to know that if IFO and BUP files are not present on a given disc, it cannot be browsed with a DVD player, neither hardware nor software.

Therefore, consequently, for the BUP files to be useful, you must make sure that it is of the type for DVD playback media and then, also make sure that you have one of the following software installed:

In case you have a BUP file of a different format, for example, those used to save backup copies of other software, you must double click on the file, as long as the extension is properly associated with the registry of said software.

If this method does not work, then you must correct said association by right-clicking on the file, then 'Properties' and in the 'General' tab on the 'Change' button, you must locate the software that must have that BUP extension associated, once this is done, there should be no problem opening the file.