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Files with the BUP extension are backup copies automatically created and stored on your computer or other device using applications or DVD players.

These files are generally created when you start to play the media on the DVD and are stored as image backups of the information on the disc.

This is why BUP files are commonly cataloged as backup files.

Each DVD consists of chapters, the selection of which is available from the main menu after the disc is inserted and automatically played.

If you open a disk of this type on your computer, you will probably find three types of files. The menu structure is created with the help of various extensions: IFO, VOB and BUP.

VOB is the video as such, IFO represents the structure of each section, and the BUP extension is the backup of IFO files. Its size is equal to the size of the ifo file to which it corresponds.

Software to edit a BUP file

To be able to work with such an extension, special software is required, they are usually multifunctional media players. To open a BUP file, simply install one of the programs described below and double-click on the file.


IfoEdit is an application that allows you to edit IFO files, open a BUP file and manage menus, subtitles and audio sequences available on DVD. Editing the contents of a video on a DVD is an easy task if you have the necessary tools for this.

The application uses a simple approach to open and display the contents of VOB files, usually stored in the root of the DVD.

IFO files provide all the necessary information for DVD players, allowing users to play and view their content.

Consequently, BUP files are also susceptible to being modified and edited with this program.

DVD Flick

It is a software cataloged as a classic when it comes to burning DVDs.

Its section dedicated to menus offers six different layouts which may be sufficient for most users.

WinX DVD Author

The free WinX DVD Author program has an interface that takes the most positive points of its competitors, and although the final result makes it a little less intuitive than the rest, it incorporates a very interesting detail, which is to add music to the menu.

Below are the links to download the mentioned software:

DVD Flick
WinX DVD Author