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Details of the BUP File Extension

The BUP file extension is used for one of the three types of files on a DVD video disc. Used as IFO backup files on disk. Therefore, theoretically, a DVD might not contain BUP files, although it would be less reliable.

Not all DVDs will have files with the BUP file extension, as DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc and can be used for multiple purposes, including general software and data storage.

This means that the BUP file extension is only part of the specification for DVD Video, which is the format used for discs intended to be played on a standalone DVD player.

A DVD video file will contain three types of files:

  • VOB, short for video object. These are the files that contain the audio and video content themselves. The file is independent of the other two, and can be played without the presence of them, however it will do so with limited functionality.
  • IFO, which is abbreviated from InFOrmation. Contains details about the content of the video. These details include the times the chapters begin and begin.
  • BUP, short for BackUP. IFO file backup, which means every DVD video disc has IFO file and BUP file. The BUP file exists solely to make sure the disk can still fully function if the IFO file is corrupted in any way. This could happen if the surface of the disc is stained or scratched.

Another major difference between file types is the problem of encryption. VOB files are encrypted to prevent movie content from being copied or "ripped". IFO and BUP files are not encrypted.

BUP files may appear in other software applicability contexts, such as backups, antivirus quarantine files, among others. In most of these additional contexts, the BUP extension is appended to the original file name, i.e file.docx.bup to avoid potential confusion.

In any case, if you need to recover and open the original file, just remove the BUP extension from original name and open the file with the usual method.