Open BUP File

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Differences and similarities between BUP, IFO and VOB files

What are BUP files?

BUP files are backup files for the menus on a DVD.

That means that BUP files are not designed to be opened, however their function is important in case of damage or corruption on the DVD.

Since these files are backup files for IFO files, they help prevent data loss.

As mentioned above, BUP files are not designed to be opened directly or manually, other than through the original IFO file.

BUP files have the namesake extension .BUP.

What are IFO files?

IFO files are DVD menu files and have the extension .IFO.

Stores information about the movie saved on the DVD disc.

In an IFO file, scene, weather, region, and other information are present in these files.

These files exist because they tell the DVD player what to show at the beginning of the movie and in each scene. It also helps the DVD player to locate the audio tracks and subtitles.

To open an IFO file, you will need a compatible video program. VLC player is widely used, but you can also use Windows Media Player and WinDVD.

What are VOB files?

The VOB files are themselves the video on the disc.

It has the extension .VOB and can be played on any DVD video player that supports VOB playback. VOB files contain the video and audio data for the movie, and recursively reference subtitles and menus. VOB stands for Video Object Files.

In terms of similarities, the files are linked on a single DVD and are part of a multimedia conglomerate that provides ease of playback.

Therefore we can talk about differences, as IFO and BUP are related, since one is the backup copy of the other, the VOB file is video.

This means that while it is true that a VOB file does not depend directly on IFO and BUP files, since VOBs can be played without the need for them, IFO and BUP files guarantee a simpler user experience.