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Open BUP File

A BUP file is a backup file of an IFO file that has been copied from a DVD. It contains a large amount of data related to the content of the DVD and can be accessed if the IFO file cannot be read for whatever reason.

These files, like IFO files, are not encrypted.

They are used to store and save data, including user information. The BUP extension is added to the existing file name, after the original extension. The BUP extension must be deleted in order to open the file with the corresponding program.

The DVD-video disc saves the BUP files in the Video_TS folder. The BUP files together with the VOB and VRO files can be a movie with interactive menus. BUP files can be edited using software tools to create DVD video files. If the IFO and BUP files are missing on a particular disc, you will not be able to navigate it with a DVD player.

Programs that support the BUP file extension are listed below grouped by operating systems that support BUP files. BUP files can be found on all platforms of the system, including mobile, but there is no guarantee that each one will support these files properly.

Software compatible with the BUP file


Mac OS

Problems opening a BUP file

There can be multiple causes of problems when opening BUP files on a given system. The most common reason is the lack of suitable applications that support BUP files installed on the system.

You may also have an outdated version of the software.

After installing any recent version of the software mentioned above, make sure it is set as the default application to open BUP files.

When you click on the BUP file with the right mouse button, a menu will appear in which you must select the option 'Open with'.

Select 'Choose another app → More apps'

To finish the process, select Search for another application on this PC and, using the file browser, select the software installation folder. Confirm by checking 'Always use this application to open BUP files' and clicking on the OK button.

The BUP file, also may be infected with a malware, this can prevent to open the file correctly, and you should scan the file with an adequate antivirus software.

One reason may also be that the file has been wrongly copied and that the data has lost integrity and is corrupted, which prevents access to the file.

When downloading the file with the BUP extension from the Internet, an error may occur that results in an incomplete file. Try downloading the file again.

Open BUP File on Windows OS

  • Try double clicking on a BUP file in Windows File Explorer.
  • If the BAK reading software is associated correctly then the file will open.
  • If the file did not open in BUP file player and BUP file originated as a backup of IFO file from DVD you can download VLC Player and use it to open the file.
  • To open full backup DVD structure in VLC Player you will need to click on IFO file (which is an index file
  • If the BUP file does not open with VLC player you can try using CyberLink PowerDVD software