Open BUP File

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BUP File Types

Files with the BUP extension can take a variety of formats ranging from anti-virus quarantine files to DVD disc backups.

McAfee Quarantined File

The McAfee antivirus uses the files with the BUP extension to save a backup copy of the files potentially infected by a virus or other malware and that for this reason were moved from a specific location on the computer to the folder provided for the purpose of quarantined files.

The quarantine folder contains all the files found as scans are made, whether manual, automatic or scheduled, therefore, this folder can become very large, and it increases as more files are added. quarantined.

You may want to delete these files manually, for which, you must find the directory and then select the files to delete and proceed.

You may also want to recover a quarantined file, however, you must make sure that the file is clean of viruses. You should also consider that McAfee can delete quarantined files automatically.

DVD IFO Backup File

Like VOB and IFO files, BUP files are DVD related files. Each format is a specific tool that is used in the reproduction or recording of these media.

Files with the BUP extension are backup copies of an IFO file, automatically created and stored on your computer or other device using applications or DVD players.

These files are generally created when you start to play the media on the DVD and are stored as image backups of the information on the disc.

Backup File

As the name or acronym suggests, BUP (BackUP) extension files can represent backups created automatically by some applications. BUP files are generated in case the program crashes or the original file becomes corrupted and needs to be restored. At the time of writing this article, there is no more information about a specific software with this functionality, however, backup files that use the BUP extension are known.

To open and / or use a BUP file, you must make sure of the type of format you have on hand, and then have one of the following software installed: