Open BUP File

Information, tips and instructions

Restore files quarantined in BUP

A BUP file, for this application, is a quarantined file and saves a backup copy of a file that was moved from another location on the computer because a virus or other malware was detected.

In other words, it is a way of protecting the original file that was detected as being the target of a virus.

The way it works is when it comes to a McAfee virus scan, through a file that may be malware, McAfee adds the BUP file extension to the original file name, in this way, it indicates that the file is questionable and that it may contain malware.

What happens if the antivirus deletes, by itself, the quarantined files?

In this case the files cannot be restored using the 'Quarantine Manager', although you can restore from the BUP file manually.

To extract files from the quarantine area (BUP files):

Using Windows Explorer, create a temporary folder.

Download and install the file compression utility


Extract the following two files from the BUP archive to C: \ SAVE-BUP:

  • Details
  • File_0

To decrypt files contained in .BUP Program

  1. Download the XOR utility or go to the online tool.
  2. Create a folder named C:\TEMPBUP
  3. Extract For C:\TEMPBUP
  4. Click Start, Run, type cmd, and press Enter.
  5. Type cd  \TEMPBUP and press Enter.
  6. Type xor.exe File_0 file_0.xor 0X6A and press Enter.
  7. Type xor.exe Details Details.txt 0X6A and press Enter.
  8. NOTE: The value 0x6A is the encryption key used.
  9. Rename File_0.xor to the original name found in the File Details.