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How to Play BUP Files on Linux

Like VOB and IFO files, BUP files are DVD related files. Each format is a specific tool that is used in the reproduction or recording of these media.

Files with the BUP extension are backup copies automatically created and stored on your computer or other device using applications or DVD players.

These files are generally created when you start to play the media on the DVD and are stored as image backups of the information on the disc.

This is why BUP files are commonly cataloged as backup files.

They contain information generated by the application that acts in case it experiences an error to safeguard the data and prevent it from being lost.

Many times when we download a movie, it is organized and structured with the following list of files:


A movie in DVD format is structured in this way, which differs somewhat from the traditional formats we are used to.

In Linux you can find a great variety of programs that reproduce multimedia, they all depend on the codecs you have in your system, however the most complete software for this task is VLC, therefore, to play this video file in Linux, the first thing you will have to do is download and install the free video player program:

VLC Media Player


  1. Click on the DVD player application, it will open.
  2. Click on "File" and "Open." Go to the "VIDEO_TS" folder on your computer's DVD or hard drive that contains the BUP file you want to play. Double click the file name "your_file.VOB" to start playing the video. You may see multiple BUP files in the "VIDEO_TS" folder. Each file is related to the existing media file.
  3. Click the "Forward" and "Back" arrow buttons in your DVD player application to navigate through the chapters in the VOB file that are programmed into the corresponding IFO file, and consequently with the BUP file. Press the "Pause" button to stop playing the VOB file.